Pondsea Place

Peaks Island, Maine

Staying at

Pondsea Place

39 Alderbrook Road

Peaks Island, ME 04108



We are so happy that you will be spending some time at Pondsea Place! Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers.  Don’t hesitate to call or email if you need to ask a question. 


1.     What is the phone number at Pondsea Place?  207-766-2558

2.     Pondsea Place has wireless internet (WI-FI) and there is no security password needed.

3.     What is the phone number for the Peaks Island Taxi?  207-518-0000

4.     What is the phone number for a water taxi to Peaks or to Portland?

http://www.islandwatertaxi.com/ 207-799-1818

5.      What is the sleeping arrangement at Pondsea:



Loft – One king and one single; or three singles (large room 16x26)

Main Floor -

      One bedroom with double bed (full size) and single bed

      One bedroom with queen bed


Lower level -

    One king and one single; or three singles

    One bedroom with a king size bed and day bed with a trundle (twins beds) that can be made into another king size bed (large room 16x26)



6.     There are plenty of pillows, blankets, quilts and throws available for your comfort!


7.     Sheets and towels: The tradition on Peaks Island is for folks to bring their own sheets and towels (if you choose to utilize Pondsea linens they must be washed, dried, and folded upon departure. Dirty linens will incur an additional charge.)


8.     To access Pondsea:  We will give you access once you have fully paid for your stay at Pondsea.


9.     Can I buy food on the island? There is Hannigan’s IGA that sells most of what you will want to eat.  It has fresh veggies and meat/chicken/fish, and wine/beer but not a whole lot of specialty foods.  If you have those important items that will make your stay special you may want to bring them with you.


10.  Are there any restaurants on the island?  The Cockeyed Gull https://www.facebook.com/CockeyedGull

 right next to the IGA Grocery Store is a great place to eat! And the Inn on Peaks has yummy food and a fun sports bar/pub http://www.innonpeaks.com/?page_id=495  There is some food in the house, staples like tea and hot chocolate, coffee and spices and baking soda, you get the idea.  Use what you need.  If something runs out, just buy more of it when you are at the Hannigan’s the next time.


Additionally, there are these services –

public library, police station and fire station and health clinic

See below for websites about fun things to do on Peaks island and in Portland, ME



11.  What are some of the amenities at the house?  A TV or VCR? Washing machine?  There are several games at the house including a chess set and some jigsaw puzzles.  There is wireless Broadband Internet/cable access, TV, CD Player and VCR/DVD player and the local store rents videos/DVDs. We have a full size washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher, Kitchen Aid mixer, toaster, Cuizinart food processor, microwave oven, gas cook stove, outdoor gas grill, Kitchen Aid blender and many gourmet cooking items.


12.  Is there a place to rent bikes?  Yes, at Brad’s Re-Cycle near the Library. The island is one of the best places we have ever been for biking.  The roads are smooth and you can ride the whole circumference of the island and enjoy the ocean and the sites.


13.  Kayaking, Fishing, Geocaching: Peaks Island is becoming famous for sea kayaking. See http://www.maineislandkayak.com/  This is a great site that will give you more data about kayaking opportunities on Peaks Island! There is fishing off the pier where the ferry comes in (the house does not have fishing poles) and it is common to see folks doing this. If you like caching here is a sight about that too: http://www.geocaching.com/about/ (This is what I think of as modern day big-time Hide-n-Seek)


14.  Can we park cars somewhere on the mainland when we take the ferry over?  Yes, there are several municipal parking lots in Portland and private lots, too. See this link for more info: http://www.portlandmaine.com/getting-around/parking/


 There is a great parking lot at the corner of India and Fore Streets. There are some on Commercial Street and some in the heart of Old Port (the artsy and fun shopping area of Portland that is near the port).  You can also go to this website to learn quite a bit about Portland. 


15.  The Casco Bay Ferry Lines can be found at http://www.cascobaylines.com  The ferry runs almost every hour, and you can see their schedule at this site.


16.  Is there a grill – yes and propane tank should be full and there is a back up tank too. If necessary you can get a new one at the gas station (Plante Assoc) which is on Island Avenue. Look for the big blue building with gas pumps and laundry-mat.


17.  Are there trail maps?  The bike shop has bike trail maps and there are old Indian trails that have been preserved on the island.  There are beautiful places to walk on the road and on the trails. The ice cream shop sometimes has photo copies of trail maps for sale.